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The Climate Leadership School aims at developing the next generation of climate innovators. The programme has been developed to provide doctorates and researchers with valuable additional skills to foster their entrepreneurial thinking.


By participating in our courses, you also have the opportunity to get involved in the European-wide network of our Climate-KIC community and develop valuable contacts for your professional future.



The Lean Scientist is a Business Development Course which supports you in making the match between your knowledge and market demands. The course is a mixture of online and offline trainings with expert trainers in the field of innovation and business development. You will learn how to turn your research into value and have a high impact on society. Our approach is to act as guides.

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The Catapult is a two-week Summer School that has climate-related topics and take place in different European locations. Connecting PhD students and researchers from around the globe, the Catapults are hubs for new ideas with interdisciplinary approaches. Combining knowledge from various disciplines, new skills are acquired and innovative ideas brought to life.

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We believe that entrepreneurial thinking needs to be fostered, that is why we created the Greenhouse. A place for those who want to become entrepreneurs and are ready to start with a concrete idea. Whether your idea is not completely developed yet or you need some more time to perfect your already existing business plan, the Greenhouse programme is a place to be. 

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