Example Journey Itinerary

The first two weeks of Journey 1 in the Netherlands included the following activities:



July 7


July 8



July 9

July 10


July 11


July 12-13

July 14

July 15

July 16

July 17

July 18


July 19


Welcome. Lecture/presentation: Climate change in the context of water management and visit to the Sand Engine in Kijkduin

Lecture on 'Disciplined entrepreneurship; 24 steps to a succesfull entrepreneur' by Bill Aulet, MIT. Attendance of Venture Competition with pitches of 6 start-ups at incubator YES!Delft

Lecture on solar energy. Creative thinking session (out of the box thinking)

Topics of the day: climate effect atlas, water management and algea. Visit to the Algea Parc in Wageningen. Ideation session and pitches

Lecture on eco system services. Presentations of practical projects and ideation sessions. Barbecue and party in Delft

Free weekend

Presentation on sustainable mobility. Case presentations and pitches

Entrepreneurial day

Lecture on Risk Management. Pitch training and enneagram session

Team formation and group work (ideation and pitch presentation)

Group work (ideation and pitch presentation). Pitches to local jury. Diner and farewell party in Utrecht

Departure to Berlin



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    (minute 00:00, minute 06:55 and minute 13:28)

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