The Journey

What is The Journey?

The Journey is a five-week intensive climate innovation summer school taking place across Europe. It is Europe's largest climate change education programme. Next year, it could be your turn to learn how it is possible to change the world through entrepreneurship and teamwork. But don't take our word for it. Read the blog of TU Delft master student, Tessa Leferink, on her experience of The Journey during the summer of 2016.


The Journey brings together highly motivated students from our partner universities who want to learn more about climate sciences and explore the entrepreneurial opportunities related to it including:

  • Network with and relate personally to multi-cultural, like-minded peers at all career levels;
  • Meet the people who matter in business, science and policy, including entrepreneurs putting ideas into practice;
  • Explore climate change at first hand in its scientific, environmental, political, social and economic contexts;
  • Work within multidisciplinary teams to develop and pitch your own ideas as potential business ventures;
  • Have an inspiring summer!

Where does The Journey take place?

The Journey takes you to three different Climate-KIC locations. These include thirteen national centres and six regional innovation centres. Every two weeks, you will change location and, together with your fellow students, travel to another Climate-KIC centre.


When does The Journey take place?

The dates for 2017 Journeys are:

  • The July Journeys will run from 2 July to 5 August 2017 
  • The August Journeys will run from 30 July to 2 September 2017


What happens during The Journey?

Week 1 and 2: The first two weeks, you’ll mostly be following lectures and tutorials related to different aspects of climate change. These lectures are meant to inspire you to come up with a business idea that can help mitigate climate change or adapt to its effects. Site visits related to the lectures will also be organized. In the second week you will form multi-disciplinary teams of up to five people to work on one specific climate-related business idea.


Week 3 and 4: In week three and four, you and your team explore your idea further, develop a business model and write a business plan. While the focus is on group work, you will also be following lectures and tutorials related to sustainable entrepreneurship and business management. These will help you in writing a convincing business plan. In order to prepare you for the final week of The Journey, we will also provide you with training on improving your presentation skills.


Week 5: In week five, everything you have learnt in the previous four weeks comes together: you and your team will finalize your business plan and prepare to pitch it to an expert jury consisting of potential investors and Climate KIC peers. Also your business plan will be reviewed by a reading jury.


During the whole process, you are assisted by two coaches who themselves have a background in sustainable entrepreneurship. Throughout the five weeks, you will meet entrepreneurs and start-ups and go on site visits to provide you with inspiration for your own business idea. Of course there’s also some time for leisure activities in the evenings or during the weekends and at the end of your stay at each co-location centre, we organize a big party!


Please note: Once you commit to participating in The Journey, we expect you to attend all planned activities and to be there for the whole duration of the programme.


How can I prepare for The Journey?

In preparation for The Journey, you will participate in a pre-journey ideation session. During the session, you and your fellow students will work on real-life challenges experienced by our Climate-KIC partners. You are encouraged to start thinking of solutions, be creative and play around with different ideas.


What happens after The Journey?

After you’ve successfully completed The Journey, you have to continue with the other elements of the Climate-KIC MSc Label programme.


If you think about becoming an entrepreneur and want to continue the idea developed during The Journey or another one, we can support you with our Greenhouse programme and later on with our Acceleration programme.


What are my costs during The Journey?

The Journey itself is free for students from our partner universities. During the five weeks,  Climate-KIC covers the following costs for you:

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and lunch during the week
  • Dinner on two week days
  • The trips between the Climate-KIC centers
  • Public transportation on week days during the Journey

Please do prepare to pay the following yourself:

  • The trip from home to the first  Climate-KIC centre
  • The trip back home from the final destination
  • Most dinners during the week
  • All meals in the weekends
  • Personal expenses for recreational activities


Important: Please make sure you have your own health insurance valid in all locations. If applicable, please make sure you have the correct visa for each country you will travel to and take care to apply in time.