Mobility documents

Mobility application form

If you want to apply to the European Real Life Mobility program, please fill in this Mobility application form. Please send it minimum 6 weeks prior to the start of your mobility to Gareth Wakeling: gareth,

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Mobility consent form

After your mobility application form has been approved by the Education Manager, please complete and sign the Mobility Consent Form. This agreement governs the financial side of your mobility placement. Please note that the rules of mobility can be changed by the EIT at short notice so make sure you sign the latest version! 

Benelux Mobility Consent Form 2017
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Mobility mid-term progress report

During your mobility, this report about the progress has to be filled in. 


Please send the report maximum 3 months after starting your mobility. The report needs to be sent to the Education Manager.


Note: this mobility report is only applicable for a mobility longer than 12 weeks.

Template+Mobility+Mid Term Progress Repo
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Mobility final report

After your mobility, this report about the results/outcomes has to be filled in. 


Please send the report maximum 4 weeks after finishing your mobility. The report needs to be sent to Education Manager.

Template+Mobility+Report Jan 2016.docx
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