Join our Master Education programme and become part of a vibrant European community of climate innovators!

Join our programme

And complement the master’s degree programme you are already enrolling for and become part of a community that creates real solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Climate-KIC Master Programme adds extra value to selected master degree programmes at our partner universities. Upon successful completion, you will receive a Climate-KIC certificate in addition to your regular degree.

  • Discover how the latest climate change science is being transformed into new products and services
  • Examine market drivers of climate innovation, including policy, legal and financial incentives or constraints
  • Explore the potential for launching your start-up business venture with support from our business coaches and our pre-incubation programme

Overview programme

Want to be considered top talent in climate innovation? This programme is for you.

In order to obtain the Climate-KIC certificate you will:

  • enrol at one of our partner universities in one of the specified master degree programmes
  • participate in our five week climate innovation summer school (The Journey) 
  • attend our series of thought-provoking talks and seminars (SPARK! lectures) 
  • spend 30 ECTS of your master programme outside of your home university, e.g. by doing an internship or thesis research
  • take complementary courses in climate sciences or entrepreneurship worth at least 12 ECTS 
  • write your Master thesis on a topic related to climate change and entrepreneurship

Added value

Influential qualifications

We offer you career-enhancing qualifications of the highest quality designed to extend and deepen your knowledge. You will receive tuition from the brightest academic minds in the climate change space, located in the best academic institutions across Europe.

Career advancement

Climate-KIC provides you with unrivalled professional opportunities. Our combined network of academic institutions and innovative corporations is a unique opportunity to realise your career aspirations and extend your professional contacts.

Commercial know-how

You always have great ideas, but you lack the skills to actually make them become real? We teach you the right set of skills to be able to commercialise your climate change idea.

Personal development
You are tired of standardised education and want to be able to sharpen your own vision for climate change? We are dedicated to help you explore and realise your own vision for climate change by mentoring and practical support.

Network and community
You become part of an unprecedented, active and influential network of entrepreneurs, businesses, regional governments and academic institutions.

Graduates automatically become members of the Climate-KIC Alumni. Here you will receive access to the other community resources (entrepreneurship support, research opportunities, networks with our partners).

You will also be the first to receive opportunities from within our community including PhD positions, job opportunities, research and innovation projects and start-up matching.

How can I apply for the Climate Leader label?

Students enrolled in selected Master programmes at TU Delft, Utrecht University, and University of Amsterdam should apply before March. You will apply through the process for Journey admission. You can find an online application form here. Please make sure you have sufficient time to complete all elements of the application.


Once received, your application will then be evaluated in a committee consisting of the Education Manager and one of the Education Coordinators.


The registration fee after admission is 250,00 euro.