How can I complete my Climate-KIC mobility?

  • To complete your internship
  • Writing your thesis
  • Follow some courses on climate change or entrepreneurship

How can I apply for a mobility programme?

If you want to apply to the European Real Life Mobility program, please fill in the mobility application form. Please send it minimum 6 weeks prior to the start of your mobility to the Education Manager for the Benelux region:


How long can my mobility take place?

Minimum 3 months and maximum 6 months.


What do I have to do in order to receive an reimbursement for my mobility?

The financial rules of your mobility are described in the mobility agreement.


Please note: hand written and not readable invoices/receipts will not be accepted.


Can I do the mobility outside of Europe?

Yes, as long as it benefits the European economy. However, we do prefer an internship at our European Climate-KIC partners.


You can have a look at our partners here.


What are the financial arrangements for a mobility within the Netherlands?

Mobility within the Netherlands will be considered on a case by case basis. As an indicator, if you have to move to another city for your mobility you might be eligible for a lump sum for additional subsistence costs incurred but no travel costs will be reimbursed. If you don't have to move to another city no lump sum will be reimbursed but you might be eligible for an amount for additional travel expenses.  

Can I also do an exchange to another university for the mobility?

Yes, as long as this meet the Climate-KIC requirements. Please describe your preferences on the mobility application form.