Are there any costs for joining the Climate-KIC MSc / PhD programme?

There are no direct costs in the enrolment of the Climate-KIC MSc / PhD programme. However, please note that travel expenses to mandatory Climate-KIC events will not be reimbursed. You will also have some costs participating during The Journey (such a some meals or local transport).


I have no entrepreneurial background, is that a problem?

No, but you should be motivated to develop or improve your entrepreneurial skills, because Climate-KIC fosters entrepreneurship.


I am a student from a MSc programme which is not labelled by Climate-KIC. Can I still join the programme?

Only students enrolled in one of the labelled MSc programmes at our partner universities can apply for the Climate-KIC MSc programme.


I am a Bachelor student. Can I already apply for the Climate-KIC programme?

Only BSc students in their final year and already accepted for a labelled MSc programme can apply for the Climate-KIC programme.


What are the Climate-KIC requirements?

  • Be enrolled in a Climate-KIC labelled Master programme
  • To particpate in The Journey, our 5 week climate innovation summer school
  • To participate in at least 5 SPARK! lectures
  • To participate in 30 ECTS mobility programme abroad
  • To take complementary courses for at least 12 ECTS
  • Write a Master thesis focusing on climate change and entrepreneurship